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I'm a somewhat normal guy with a great job, fantastic wife and wonderful family.  I love my wife, daughter and son more than life itself.  Check out my business and personal background and some of my work. This site is more like a life resume than anything else. But it's mainly to showcase my work and my apps.

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DNS Tools

I wrote some DNS tools to help folks out in their network troubleshooting. These tools include Dig, nslookup, Reverse Lookup, Whois, Port Tools, and more!
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Innovation & Leadership

I'm an Innovation and Leadership junkie. I read (listen on audio books) to leadership books all of the time.  I'm also a huge fan of TED Talks and use them regularly in my classes.  Check out my Blog for more Leadership nuggets. A Geek Leader.

Giving Back

I've been blessed and now I want to give back. I accomplish this by teaching at both Winthrop University and York Technical College as well as by volunteering and serving at my Church, Elevation. I'm also working on a series of training books, my first is What's HTML? Learn it in 4 Hours.

Mobile & Web Apps

In 2010 I started playing around with iOS apps. I've made a little over 50 iOS apps and dozens of Web and Android apps.  I've listed a few below.
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Below are some samples of work that I've done, am doing or will be doing. I've listed some mobile apps in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and the Google Chrome Web Store.  I also have a small business offering App Store Optimization and mobile app consulting.

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Free to use and free to share.  A DIY SEO Tool for anyone who owns a site.

What's HTML?

Learn it in 4 Hours

An easy way to learn HTML.  I started writing this because I found it difficult to teach my CSCI 101 students HTML out of most text books.  So I figured I'd just write my own.


STuff I've taught

This is just a link to my classes so you can see some of the things I've taught over the years.  Also, if you're a current student of mine, visist one of the following:

Winthrop | York Tech

More Coming soon.

ASO and App Marketing

If you've got a poorly performing app and need some help, then I'm your guy.  Over the past 3-4 years I've been focusing on ASO (App Store Optimization) and App Marketing for my own gain.  I've learned lots of tricks and secrets to help boost performance and now I'll share that with you.

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Below are some of my latest posts and updates... Check them out and feel free to drop me a note.  Don't be offended if I'm slow in responding as I get lots of fan mail :)